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Aug 2013

Deciding On A Landscaping Company

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If you have made the decision to take on a large, home improvement project and have decided to employ the help of a landscaping company, you may need some help when deciding which company is best for you. Depending on where you live, you may be after certain skills – you may need someone who can properly water the soil or ward off certain pests by changing the pH of the soil. You will quickly find out that everyone with a truck, mower, and tools tries to open lawn care companies, so finding a professional business may be a difficult task.

Smaller jobs are fine to hand to these individuals – jobs like mowing, raking leaves, trimming the edges of the lawn.. However, for anything bigger, you should head to someone who has had past expertise with similar jobs. You can easily damage your plants and trees by not maintaining them, or by improperly planting and trimming them. It is always tempting to hire a cheap company, but with landscaping, you tend to get what you pay for. High quality work from a company with a good reputation will not come at the same price as cheap, unskilled labor – and the alternative will likely end up killing your vegetation.

Part Time And Full Time Workers

Some companies are created entirely by part-time workers who offer lawn care on their off-time. Hiring a company like this may be convenient for small jobs, but it is not the kind of team you want to hire for a larger job. They don’t usually have insurance, and haven’t gone through a training program. They will probably not be able to properly fertilize or aerate the soil, and won’t recognize any warning signs from the plants, or be able to suggest any services you might need in order to keep it all working properly.

If you decide to go with a company full of full-time workers, they have experience under their belt that can help keep your property at the same value, if not increase it. They will be able to warn you of any problems that the plants may be having, and educate you on which solutions would be best for you, all while being cost-effective.

National And Local Companies

Hiring a national company sounds like good decision. After all, these companies must know what they’re doing if they are able to own and operate a large, nationwide business. Though they may be spread across many states, you can’t be sure if they’re familiar with the problems in your location. They may not have any training that specializes with plants and the conditions in your local climate, like weather trends, insects, and bacteria issues. Local companies will likely understand you better, because they share the same location. Local companies will have dealt with special problems that you may run into, and they’ll have the expertise to fix it, rather than having to subcontract anyone else – this will save you money and a few headaches.

On top of that, they won’t take the profits earned from your town to another state. If you hire a local company, you’re supporting local growth, and over time, this can raise the property values of your ciy.

Whichever company you eventually decide to hire, always ask for a portfolio. Drive by some of the client properties, in order to check if their work has paid off in the long run and the plant life continues to thrive. Go on the Internet and check the company’s reputations, ask for testimonials, and do some research on any past problems that they’ve had.

At the end of the day, hiring a local, professional company will yield better results than heading for a cheaper alternative.

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Jul 2013

Why Should You Landscape Your Home?

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Landscaping is one of the necessary evils of owning a property. However, it’s one of the best things you can do for home improvement. If you look at the jobs in a different light, you may start to see the benefits of it. For example, you will be left with a nicely landscaped yard, which can be pleasant to look at and be a good asset to the value of your home. If you take the time to plant a few trees, flowers, and shrubs, they will help make your property stand out in your community. They will help give you a sense of well-being, both physically and in the spiritual sense as well.

Investing In Charlotte Landscaping

We have all heard the term that you have only one chance to make a first impression, and that holds truest when it comes to your home. When friends and family visit for the first time, they may judge you by the appearance of your home. The first thing they will see about the property is the landscaping – the lawn, trees, and overall layout of the home. You may have expert entertaining skills, and the interior of the house may be luxurious, but the outside of the property is what sets the curb appeal. The landscaping is what makes the first impression of your home, and sets the tone for any future visits and parties.

No Place Like Home

The world we live in today is fast-pace and full of stress. A calm, inviting home is what we need now more than ever – a place that can calm you down, make you peaceful, and comfort you. The first thing you see as you finally get home is the front yard – the lush, green grass and healthy, blossoming trees. When you get out of the car, the first thing you smell is the fresh air from the plants, and the paved path to the door makes you feel at home.

That’s what landscaping is all about – something money can’t buy, unless you invest in a good landscaping crew. Maintaining the lawn and providing curb appeal is what professional landscaping companies do, and they take full responsibility of your yard.

Maintaining your own yard can relieve stress, and some of the chores don’t need a professional crew to take care of it. However, some of the extensive jobs do need the help of a professional.

Helping Your Health

Now that we’ve covered the psychological well being, it’s time to cover the physical effects – what we can prove, and results that we can see. Coming home to a landscape full of trees, plants, and fresh air can increase your health over time. Better air quality leads to a healthier body, and a cleaner mind.

You can always choose to landscape your own home, and benefit from the exercise involved. However, you shouldn’t overdo it – spreading the work out over several days can be an easy way to unwind from any stress and issues you nay have.

Environmental Effects

The world we live in today needs cleaner air, and that’s exactly what plants provide. Every tree, plant, and shrub provides clean air, cleaning out any existing pollution. This can make your property cleaner and greener in the long run, as well as provide a few instantaneous effects. As you join the group of other homeowners who have taken the time to landscape their homes, you join a group of individuals that care about the environment. You will benefit from your lawn instantly, and your children will benefit from it for years to come. All you have to do is to take the initiative and hire a professional lawn care team.

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Jul 2013

Reasons To Invest In Landscaping

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Landscaping is usually seen as a necessary evil. It takes a lot of time and money. However, it can help raise the value of your home in the long-run, and even have effects on your health. If you invest the time and money into planting new plants and trees, the benefits will roll in instantly, and continue to help your lifestyle over time. It will help make your home stand out in your community, as well as make it more appealing when you come home after a long day at work.

Reasons To Invest In Landscaping

We have one chance to make a first impression, and this phrase has held true for many centuries. When you have family or friends come visit you, they judge you instantly by the appearance of your home. What’s the first thing they see? The front lawn, and all the landscaping around it. While you may be a skilled entertainer and know how to please your guests, the landscaping will be the first thing they see before they actually get into your home. The front yard and the plants around your home make the first impression that will have a lasting effect on how people think of you, specially if they visit often. Remember that a well-maintained landscape has effects that we may not be able to see.

Coming Home

In the world of stress and face-paced business that we live in today, coming home after a stressful day can feel like finally relaxing. Imagine pulling up to your driveway and seeing a lush, green lawn full of flowers, shrubs, and thriving trees. It can give you a sense of peace, and comfort you, making you feel like you’re finally free of the recent stressors. You get out of the car and walk up a paved path to your front door, and the beauty of the lawn you walk through makes you feel like things will be okay as long as you wait it out.

Landscaping is all about creating emotions like that. Money cannot buy feelings like that, unless you invest in a landscaping team that can help shape and remodel your property.

Maintaining the yard yourself can be stress-relieving and make everything better. The exercise involved can reduce stress, make you calmer, and have added health benefits. Some of the tasks can be extensive and require a lot of work, and others can be too specific and require the expertise of a professional company. The appeal of saving money on maintaining a landscape on your own may seem better than dishing out the money to have someone else take care of it. However, some jobs need to done by skilled professionals, such as fixing the pH level of the soil, or eradicating certain types of dirt-dwelling pests.

Health Benefits

Last but not least, the physical health benefits that we can actually see and measure. The exercise that you get from maintaining your own lawn can be helpful over time, and help clear your head, which reduces the negative effects that stress can have on your body. The clean air produced by the plants and trees is worth its weight in gold – fresh air has hard to come by these days. If you have kids, they will benefit from growing up in a clean, natural climate such as this.


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Jul 2013

Landscaping & Home Improvement

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One of the ways to improve your backyard is to hire a landscaping crew and have them beautify the yard. Imagine having a nice front or backyard, with all the plants and flowers you wanted, and lush green grass throughout the seasons. It would increase your home value, as well as add to the property’s beauty, and make it an inviting sight for all your guests and family. A beautiful landscape needs to be paired with decorations and other enhancements, such as flowers and trees. There are heavy duty decorations available for purchase at local shops that you can use to add to the home’s value.

Landscape styles vary in their arrangement, as well as the kinds of plant life it has. It is important to build a canopy and use heavy-duty tarps that complement the layout of he yard. You will never be able to appreciate the beauty of the property if the plants are damaged and the canopy is falling apart.

Imagine a barren yard, without plants or decorations. The plants can vary depending on where you live. Most homeowners plant exotic flowers and try to keep their lawns in order, but it’s not very easy to keep everything in working order all year long, specially if there’s a drought or the weather has been particularly harsh. This is where a landscaping team comes in, to redesign your yard, plant flowers, trim the trees, and do everything it takes to make sure the plant life will thrive. There are many things that we forget to take care of when we try to maintain the yard on our own – for example, the pH balance of the soil is hard to keep track of, and so is making sure that the particles are aerated and healthy.

Draft the backyard of your dreams – plants, shrubs, trees, and grass wherever you like. Call in a local landscaping company and see what they can do for you. They are experts, and can enhance the yard beyond your imagination as long as they know what they have to work with. They can guide you accordingly, depending on your budget and the amount of space you have available. The benefits of hiring a landscaping team to do your yard remodeling are countless, and they’re spread out between monetary and psychological effects. Having a professional fix up your yard is worth it in the long-run, and will increase the value of the property, sometimes by as much as 14%

You may consider landscaping on your own, and you always have the option of reading articles, watching tutorial videos, and indulging in a book that shows you how to do the task properly. However, it is always easiest to bring in a professional company who can help you take care of all of your yard’s needs. They can get rid of any insect infestations in the soil, as well as read the warning sins that you may not be able to see. At the end of the day, you can’t beat the result of hiring an expert to do the landscaping for your home, and your home value will rise as a result. You’re practically paying yourself.

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Jul 2013

Beautifying Your Home & Raising The Value

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Every homeowner has had dreams of remodeling their home from the inside out – adding a bigger living room, expanding the house, changing the backyard, adding in a pool, and countless other dreams. Among the cheaper alternatives to fully living out your dreams of changing your home, landscaping is the most effective. Not only will it change the way that people feel as hey walk up to your door, but it will put a hefty amount of change in your wallet if you decide to sell the house in the future. It is an easy way to improve the overall value of the house, as well as add to the curb appeal.

Imagine the feeling of getting home from work one day, setting eyes on a beautiful front yard, and knowing that it’s yours. An attractive front and backyard are also perfect when the spring and summer come around, and family and friends tend to visit more often due to cookouts and parties.

Landscaping in Charlotte varies, and comes in all kinds of styles. Some people prefer to decorate with colorful flowers, while others like to create hills and plant trees. Some may even try to install a pond, and other aquatic features. You don’t always need to fully recreate something – after all, every lawn needs good maintenance. Hiring a cheaper company that belongs to someone who owns a truck, mower, and some tools may seem like a good alternative – after all, if you’re just mowing the lawn, it’s an easy task to do. For more skilled tasks, such as changing the pH balance of the soil, removing weeds, and trimming trees, you may need the help of a professional.

Landscaping teams can do much more than you believe. They can see certain warning signs, and tell you if the plant life is suffering from an insect infestation, as well as improve the overall health of the lawn. They can plant new flowers, trees, and ensure that everything is going according to plan.

Once your lawn is fully taken care of, you can move on to more aesthetic pieces of remodeling, such as buying decorations. While decorating the lawn has an entire series of other factors you should keep in mind, it all starts with the layout of your property, and the plants that thrive on the lawn.

If you have a certain dream yard in mind, you should try drawing it out on a piece of paper, then heading to a landscaping company and sharing your idea. They may know exactly what you’ll need to achieve this, and they’ll be able to tell you what you’ll need to keep in mind as you bring together different types of plants. They’ll be able to trim and maintain every piece of the yard, and even teach you how to take care of certain tasks on your own.

The benefits of hiring a landscaping crew far outweigh the costs. After a while, it will start to pay itself. The increased curb appeal of the home will raise its property value, and if you constantly maintain it, the value will keep rising. All you need to do is pick up a phone, or head to a search engine and look up your local landscaping companies.

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Jun 2013

The Benefits of Landscaping

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In a recent study by Clemson, it was proven that homeowners who wanted to increase the value of a home always consider landscaping, due to its cost-effective method of improving their investments. The study’s results proved that high-quality landscaping earns you enough money to pay you double what you sent on the contractor. The Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association has provided a series of statistics about the effects of landscaping.

• Landscaping could instantly increase the value of your home by 14%

• It can speed up the sale of a property by six weeks

• Landscaped patios tend to increase the home value by 12.4%

• Landscaped front yards can raise property value by 4.4%

If you are not yet thinking of selling your house, there are plenty of other benefits that you can have from landscaping a commercial or residential property. Landscaping can block the view of traffic, decrease the crime rate, and even reduce noise levels. If you’re landscaping a commercial property, it is proven that workers who have a view of trees and flowers feel less stressed and have more job satisfaction.

Special types of plants can even lower your energy bills by as much as 20%, due to providing insulation and shelter from the sun.

The benefits of landscaping are entirely dependent on the company who provides the services – they must be professional and competent, and be able to share their insight on the layout of the property. If you hire an unskilled team and the landscaping isn’t done properly, plants and poor construction can actually turn your home into a liability, and lower the cost. Unskilled maintenance can also ruin your investment and cause it to take a turn for the worst.

Why would you hire a landscaping company?

If you try to do the job yourself and take care of the landscaping and maintenance, you may be saving money – however, you could actually decrease the property value if you do it improperly. To fully maintain the plants, trees, and grass on your home, you have to do more than watering and weeding it occasionally. It requires pruning, the proper soul pH levels, compacting the dirt, adding nutrients, draining excess water, and controlling the bugs and organisms that live in the dirt. Trees have to be maintained in a certain way that is specific to the tree, so that they can grow safely. Sprinkler systems are yet another reason you should bring in a landscaping crew every once in a while – the tricky pipe layouts can easily be damaged by certain plants and digging in the wrong place. Hiring a professional landscaping team will protect your investment, and make sure that the value keeps going up, rather than decreasing over time.

How to pick a landscaping company.

No matter where you live, there are probably many options around you. Depending on your location, the teams may be specially skilled to handle local problems. For example, a desert landscaping company may have expertise with properly watering and enriching the soil in an arid climate. The final decision is always up to you, so you have to conduct your research properly before hiring a team that could actually damage the value fo your home. Not every person who owns a mower, gardening tools, and a truck can properly maintain your yard. Small jobs like mowing a lawn and raking leaves requires little skill, so these may be fine to hand off to a local company. However, if you’re tackling a bigger project that involves digging into the ground and installing new structures, you may be pressed to go with an established professional landscaping company.

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