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Feb 2014

Fertilizing Your Lawn

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Okay, Now we have your lawn cleaned and seeded. Now is the time to encourage growth and discourage weeds by using a combination of fertilizers and herbicides.


Fertilizing your lawn will help it grow thick and lush. However, if not used properly you may actually damage the plant. Slow release nitrogen fertilizer is recommended and you should try to use no more than 1 lb of nitrogen per 1000 square feet.

Apply it early in the season when growth activity begins. Too early or too late will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the product.


The effectiveness of herbicides often depends on when they are used. If you have a large weed infestation it is best to apply ‘pre-emergent’ herbicide before the seeds germinate in the spring. You should know, that you cant use this treatment if you plan to plant new grass in the spring.

If you have isolated issues, spot treat with a non-selective herbicide.

Call us at Growing Legacy for more tips and ideas to keep your lawn healthy year-round.

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