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Oct 2013

Setting A Neighborhood Trend

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Improvement is contagious. On multiple occasions, we’ve started working on someone’s lawn, and later on the drive to better your home starts spreading across the neighborhood and we end up doing similar services for the initial client’s neighbors. People like to raise their property value and know that if they decide to sell, they can fall back on a cushion of profit. They like knowing that they’re making improvements and that something they own is better than it was when they got it. That’s where Charlotte landscaping comes in. The front lawn and your home’s exterior really sets the mood for the rest of the property. It’s the first thing that a potential buyer or real estate agent sees when they come to look at the property or figure out how much it’s worth. That’s why every ounce of improvement counts.
In fact, investing in Charlotte landscaping services can bring around a double-profit scenario that we see from time to time. It starts with one home taking care of their lawn and keeping everything well-kept. The habits spread to a neighbor and they start hiring a Charlotte landscaping group to tend to their home. The trend spreads through the neighborhood and slowly, the neighborhood home value average starts going up because everyone is tending to their home. Your efforts are then doubled because not only did you raise your individual property value, you set a trend for the neighborhood and with a better neighborhood comes an even higher property value. That’s double the profit in your pocket if you decide to sell, and a calmer, blissful feeling whenever you drive through your town and see that it’s a much better place to live in.

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