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Jun 2013

The Benefits of Landscaping

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In a recent study by Clemson, it was proven that homeowners who wanted to increase the value of a home always consider landscaping, due to its cost-effective method of improving their investments. The study’s results proved that high-quality landscaping earns you enough money to pay you double what you sent on the contractor. The Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association has provided a series of statistics about the effects of landscaping.

• Landscaping could instantly increase the value of your home by 14%

• It can speed up the sale of a property by six weeks

• Landscaped patios tend to increase the home value by 12.4%

• Landscaped front yards can raise property value by 4.4%

If you are not yet thinking of selling your house, there are plenty of other benefits that you can have from landscaping a commercial or residential property. Landscaping can block the view of traffic, decrease the crime rate, and even reduce noise levels. If you’re landscaping a commercial property, it is proven that workers who have a view of trees and flowers feel less stressed and have more job satisfaction.

Special types of plants can even lower your energy bills by as much as 20%, due to providing insulation and shelter from the sun.

The benefits of landscaping are entirely dependent on the company who provides the services – they must be professional and competent, and be able to share their insight on the layout of the property. If you hire an unskilled team and the landscaping isn’t done properly, plants and poor construction can actually turn your home into a liability, and lower the cost. Unskilled maintenance can also ruin your investment and cause it to take a turn for the worst.

Why would you hire a landscaping company?

If you try to do the job yourself and take care of the landscaping and maintenance, you may be saving money – however, you could actually decrease the property value if you do it improperly. To fully maintain the plants, trees, and grass on your home, you have to do more than watering and weeding it occasionally. It requires pruning, the proper soul pH levels, compacting the dirt, adding nutrients, draining excess water, and controlling the bugs and organisms that live in the dirt. Trees have to be maintained in a certain way that is specific to the tree, so that they can grow safely. Sprinkler systems are yet another reason you should bring in a landscaping crew every once in a while – the tricky pipe layouts can easily be damaged by certain plants and digging in the wrong place. Hiring a professional landscaping team will protect your investment, and make sure that the value keeps going up, rather than decreasing over time.

How to pick a landscaping company.

No matter where you live, there are probably many options around you. Depending on your location, the teams may be specially skilled to handle local problems. For example, a desert landscaping company may have expertise with properly watering and enriching the soil in an arid climate. The final decision is always up to you, so you have to conduct your research properly before hiring a team that could actually damage the value fo your home. Not every person who owns a mower, gardening tools, and a truck can properly maintain your yard. Small jobs like mowing a lawn and raking leaves requires little skill, so these may be fine to hand off to a local company. However, if you’re tackling a bigger project that involves digging into the ground and installing new structures, you may be pressed to go with an established professional landscaping company.

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