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Feb 2014

Planting Grass

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Once you have repaired and cleaned your lawn, you will probably need to reseed areas that are particularly brown or bare. Here are a few simple steps to address this process.

Test your soil

This should be the first step in finding out why you are having the issue. A soil test will help determine what nutrients your lawn is lacking and what you need to do to correct the situation. Once measures have been taken to get your levels correct, aerate the ground to avoid soil compaction.

Seed your Lawn

You need to consider the variety of grass that works well in your region and with the amount of sunlight your yard receives.  Be sure to estimate the amount of area you are wanting to cover since seed coverage is based on pounds per square foot. Use a broadcast spreader if available.

Maintain the New Grass

Once planted, the new grass can’t be ignored. Water it regularly and fertilize it with a slow-release/low-nitrogen product. Mow your lawn whenever it reaches 3 or 4 inches but try not to trim off more than 1/2 inch as doing more can stress the grass.

Call us at Growing Legacy for more tips and ideas to keep your lawn healthy year-round.

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