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Feb 2014

Repairing Your Lawn

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Repairing Your Lawn

Once the ground dries out you want to give your lawn a good once-over to make sure it is ready for spring. If you are maintaining a nice lawn, a light raking may be all you need. But now is a good time to address any issues you may have.

Uneven Ground

Raised and depressed areas in your lawn can cause several issues. The first and foremost is poor drainage. Plus raised areas tend to be scalped by your lawn mower. Take a moment, grab a shovel, and cut away raised areas and fill in depressed areas.

Soil Compaction

This problem affects high traffic areas. The soil becomes densely packed, thus making it harder for grass to root, plus allowing hardier weeds to take hold. You can test the compaction by sticking a kitchen fork into your ground. If it fails to penetrate 2 inches your soil is compacted. Remedy this with an aerator.


The tangle of above ground roots in dense grasses like Zoysia and Bermuda is called thatch. A thick mat of this will make it difficult for water and nutrients to reach your soil. A specially designed rake will help you break up the thatch for better lawn care.

Call us at Growing Legacy for more tips and ideas to keep your lawn healthy year-round.


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